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Although Milan is often thought as the capital of fashion and therefore for its activity and business supremacy, the endless cultural attractions and historical witnesses of Milan are often forgotten. In the historical centre, but not only there, in any place, you will find out a monument, a square, a church to stare at.

Walking through cultural and artistic areas of the city such as via Solferino, the trendy via Brera with its local art and craft shops, its restaurants and pubs, meeting points for many artists and painters, up to Piazza della Scala and through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which takes you right in front of the Duomo Cathedral famous for its 3000 statues and 135 spires.

Starting from Porta Ticinese where the folkloristic Navigli of Milan start from, filled with craft shops along its river banks. Porta Ticinese is a typical local neighborhood animated by street markets, small shops, small restaurants, pubs. It’s a favorite among artists where the atmosphere is unique and here and there you can also catch an artist painting on his canvas.

The Milan City proposes a rich and detailed choise: from traditional theatre to experimental theatre, from the forms of innovation and experimentation to puppet theatre, from the classics to contemporary authors. Milan is a true meeting point of the most beloved actors by the public, the biggest names in national and international directing and the most interesting companies.

Milan is the only Italian city that has a system of Theatres Affiliated with the City in an important and balanced reciprocal relationship. Nowdays, Milan involves 20 organizations of theatrical production in addition to “Piccolo”, permanent theater in Milan and still unsurpassed model of a theater for community growing; and in addition to “Arcimboldi” Theatre, vital center of the Bicocca district.

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